October 31, 2018  /  Helahoop

Location: Austria

FFO: FVLCRVM, Nvmeri, Bulp

Label: Shash Records

Austrian duo Helahoop is all about creating new pop sounds, drawing on a plethora of genres and electronic intricacies to bring something entirely fresh to the scene. And with their latest release, ‘Turninglights,’ the dynamic duet are doing just that.

It’s a piece swathed in haunting atmospherics, with Helene Griesslehner’s vocal ebbing and flowing through a myriad of minimalist electronics and intricate garage beats. There’s a sense of jazzy improvisation going on here too; the piece evolves and shifts as short stabs of bass and whirling synths enter the soundscape. The one constant factor being the ethereal, breezy aesthetic that keeps ‘Turninglights’ sounding so enchanting.

But you can’t do the track justice in just one listen, so grab yourself a cuppa and be ready to delve deep into the psyche of Helahoop’s transcendent electronica.