April 30, 2018  /  Moontower

Location: Los Angeles

FFO: Soleima, HONNE

Label: Unsigned

Moontower, LA’s hot off the press and fresh on the scene indie-electro trio, have just released their debut single, ‘William,’ a track that seeks to tell the story of a young William Holywood, who has – much like the members of the band – “found himself lost in the jungle of suburbia, chasing lost loves and remedying broken promises as he navigates the odyssey of adolescence.”

It’s catchy, danceable, and bound to take the top spot in any summer playlist. Sharp beats, cutting riffs and punchy basslines lay the musical groundwork, setting the stage for Moontower’s dangerously raucous charisma; falsetto vocals, catchy hooks, and an undeniable, true passion for music.

“But don’t feel bad for young William,” explain the band. “Though he may be down on his luck, his journey has just begun. Moontower is excited to invite you into his world, one of ninjas, rollers skates, pickaxes, and orange juice breakfasts.”

Well, colour us excited.