April 10, 2018  /  Loveday

Location: Midlands, UK

FFO: Alina Baraz, Banks, Lorde

Label: Ferocious Label Services

Young and beautiful Loveday has a promising future ahead of her. At the age of only 17 she sings, writes and produces her own material. Her debut ‘Close’ it’s a chill electronic track with tranquil vocals. The musically layered piece reveals tenderness, different use of pitches and beats. She understands the importance of dynamism and progressiveness that music needs.

Lo-fi vibes, honest lyrics and flawless production only encourage to follow Loveday’s next steps. The single captures young woman’s emotions related to first love, relations, hopes, and feelings about growing up in this day and age.

“It’s like a mini-anthem to just being true to yourself, being unafraid to say how you really feel and to just let go a bit” artist says.