February 2, 2018  /  Let's Mars

Location: Tel Aviv / Los Angeles

FFO: Jadu Heart, BAILE, Garden City Movement

Label: Unsigned

‘History’ is the fascinating debut from newcomers Let’s Mars, the collaboration of minds from the creative hubs of Los Angeles and Tel Aviv. The heartfelt yet seductive vocals of Talia Londoner combine with ethereal beats and keys from producer Oren Emanuel to create this masterpiece of R&B meets captivatingly dark electro-pop. Deep bass-lines, ominous synths and vocal sampling litter the impressive production: it’s easy to forget that this is a debut release; not the work of a seasoned artist.

The cinematography furthers the dark themes of the instrumental, with a catalogue of scenes that play out like a memory as Talia lies in a hospital bed, apparently being experimented upon. It’s a dreamlike sequence of events that slowly starts to slip into the realms of lucid nightmare.