February 1, 2019  /  ASTRINA

Location: Los Angeles, US

FFO: Tanners, Farao

Label: Independent

An anthem of self-empowerment and self-respect, ‘Not That Girl’ is the latest dreamy release from songstress ASTRINA.

Drawing on a wide range of influence, from Muse and Radiohead to her own extensive background in classical music film scoring, ASTRINA’s music lies comfortably between the barriers of genre, blending both the catchy melodies of upbeat indie and pop, but tinged with a certain ethereality and mesmerising synth-wave dreaminess.

‘Not That Girl’ is the perfect example – a more light, pop-fuelled release than we’ve seen from ASTRINA before – but it loses none of what makes her sound so unique.

“I used to work with a producer who took advantage of me both professionally and romantically,” explains ASTRINA. “Despite how difficult it was at the time, that situation ultimately made me grow and pushed me to learn how to produce myself. A few years later, I wrote ‘Not That Girl’ after seeing him again, because I felt completely free of his influence.”