September 17, 2018  /  Daniella Mason

Location: Nashville, USA

FFO: Maggie Rogers, Billie Eilish

Label: AYA Records / Tone Tree Music

We’ve all been there; we’re out at the shops, on the train, or on the bus to work, and something pops into your mind that sends your emotions reeling. Try as you might, the flood-gates open and that bloke from across the way shoots you a look as if to say, “Oh hark at them, crying in public. What a weirdo.”

Such is the case for synth-pop songstress Daniella Mason, who offers “a pat on the back for everyone who has been THAT person” in the form of her punchy new single ‘Public Places.’ “There’s such a stigma attached to crying in public,” explains Daniella. “but why, when we’ve all been there?”

It’s a multi-faceted track that blends danceable, ethereal pop with a strong sense of emotional and personal feeling. Pulsing bass-y beats match lofty synth runs as Daniella delivers a fiery vocal hook that’ll have you shamelessly singing along wherever you may be.

The track comes from her forthcoming EP Emotional State out October 5th, the first of a four-part offering as part of her State of Mine sound series. Each EP will explore the many facets of humanity, be it emotional, physical or spiritual, that we tend to suppress or have difficulty embracing.