May 7, 2018  /  Laura Jean

Location: Melbourne, Australia

FFO: Lorde, Jenny Hval, Cocteau Twins

Record Label: Chapter Music

‘Girls On The TV’ sees Laura Jean return with an atmospheric pop ballad that swirls and whirls in a majestic fashion. ‘Girls On The TV’ is the second single from Laura Jean’s upcoming fourth album ‘Devotion’, out on 6th June. This is an exquisite pop track. Surrounded by 80’s warm synth pads, guitar, drums and the chorus xylophone delicately fill the rest of the track. Jean’s angelic vocals are placed perfectly on top, singing a perfectly woven tale about her own upbringing as a teenager. Like any teenager, Jean sings about universal problems for teenagers: unfulfilled romantic relationships, feeling different to everyone else and family trauma. This is an emotive track that is perfect in its execution.

We aren’t the only fans of Laura Jean; having already released three albums, the previous single for ‘Devotion’, ‘Touchstone’ was cosigned by Lorde, which we can all agree is pretty high praise. Having also already collaborated with Jenny Hval, Laura Jean is clearly set up for a great 2018 with her fourth album.