October 13, 2017  /  Dagny

Location: Tromsø, Norway

FFO: Fickle Friends, Astrid S, Anna of the North

Label: Republic Records

Dagny promises to ‘Love You Like That’ in her incredible new single. The Norwegian songstress is bound to be reaching the charts with the uplifting indie pop gem. Boasting choruses that are more contagious than the flu and vocal abilities that would shock even some of the most talented singers, there is no doubt that this is a sure fire hit.

On the song Dagny noted: “”Love You Like That” is the first proper love song I’ve ever released. It’s funny because I’ve always been weary of using the phrase “I love you” in songs, in fear of sounding too cliché or corny, but then I just went and broke the “amounts-of-I love you-in-one-song” record. And it feels good. I’m not a particularly romantic person nor am I great at telling people how I feel about them, so this was probably long over-due. If you love someone, you should tell them.”