May 16, 2018  /  Corwin

Location: Los Angeles, USA

FFO: Chance The Rapper, Rex Orange County

Record Label: Castle 1

We’re in the midst of summer, and music project Corwin release the delightfully wonderful single ‘Happy Happy’, a hip-hop and neo-soul odyssey. ‘Happy Happy’, though accompanied by a blissful music video and cheerful organic instrumentation with a neo-soul twist, the lyrics are tinged with some sadness. Though ‘Corwin’ describes the song as a break from the previous melancholic singles (‘Funk 2’ and ‘Kent’), there is still a hint of regret and sadness for Corwin in this song, in which for him to be with his ideal partner, he must first find his ‘Happy Happy’.

If it might not be obvious by now, the subject of this latest video and song is actually a character. Created by Hudson Klass (who takes main vocal duties), Corwin is a vessel for Klass and his friends to write about their ‘personal shit without constricting their storytelling ability‘. The upcoming album, ‘AMBER’, is a concept album that has a compelling narrative behind it. As explained by the people behind the project, ‘AMBER’ tells the story of Corwin on his senior ditch day. ‘Corwin starts to have recurring lucid dreams that he is destined to be the king of a golden futuristic kingdom called Amber. As tensions in his relationship increase, he has to travel back and forth across LA visiting all of the people in his life in hopes that they can help him uncover the meaning behind his visions’.

The album will be produced by Klass and his friends Elijah Wells and Jessica Torrey, and is due for an early summer release. We can not wait!