August 28, 2018  /  Emily Afton

Location: Oakland, USA

FFO: St. Vincent, Little Dragon, Lykke Li, Fiona Apple

Label: AntiFragile

Emily Afton is not in a romantic mood, judging by the lyrics of brand new cut “Back in San Francisco”. Admitting to “wearing my heart on my sleeve”, Afton lays down the line on a failed relationship with some straightforward confessionals, about having a chip on her shoulder and only moving to a new city for her now ex-lover.

The track demonstrates simplicity without being basic. With well-placed call and response vocals, gentle and ambient synths underpinning a playfully punchy beat, and a commanding, husky vocal performance, “Back in San Francisco” is a successful demonstration of what Afton and her backing band do best.

Alongside previous single “Sylvia”, “Back in San Francisco” marks Afton’s comeback following her 2016 debut album Archetype. With catchy, confessional pop like this, the now-signed Oakland singer should be building on past achievements in 2018.