July 27, 2018  /  Compass & Cavern

Location: Denver, USA

FFO: Weezer, OK GO, The Wombats

Record Label: Unsigned

Well, where did this come from? Compass & Cavern‘s ‘Before It Begins’ is a playful, electric alt-rock song with a fantastic underlining political message. As the title track of their 2017 album, ‘Before It Begins’ combines playful synth lines with electric, blasting guitar riffs and fantastic vocals to make a track that would be perfect for a Weezer album. It is fantastic to hear rock music that can be both fun and political, and Compass & Cavern are really successful in this blend of two difficult styles of music.

Accompanying the song is a music video that is mind-boggling. Somehow (please tell us how it was done), the whole video is in reverse, yet still matches perfectly with the lyrics to the song and the instruments being played. Directed and shot by Jeremy Oliver Miller, we just want to ask one question: HOW?