June 11, 2019  /  Childcare

Location: London

Label: Get Well Soon


Following the release of their debut album Wabi-Sabi, Childcare are not done yet, releasing a video for the contrasting ‘Sugarcane’.

Vocalist Ed Cares has explained that “’Sugarcane’ is one of the few modern songs to reference one of my favourite American-Chinese dishes – the almighty Ciao Mein, Sugarcane is about exploring a more delicious, greasier version of yourself.”

That doesn’t give much away upon first glance, but give the track a close listen and you’ll soon make sense of it. A track that speaks of an “ill-lit and lurid relationship”, a subject matter that’s fairly dark when surrounded by their album which is incredibly ‘wellness centred’.

The video itself is a pretty fun watch, directed by Maxim Kelly, Maxim has been working with Childcare on their Get Well Soon program a fair amount, so it’s no surprise that they’re behind this video. “We focused primarily on the spinning and circular rotation work since we agreed this was the most profound and visual facet of the work.  What you’re seeing unfold is the movement identified with all matter from the vastest galaxy to the teeniest atom.”