December 5, 2018  /  Chersea

Location: Vancouver, Canada

FFO: I M U R, We Are The City, Dear Rouge

Label: Fierce Panda Cananda

Chersea releases brand new single ‘I Can’t Be You’, from her brand new 9-track album ‘In Limbo’ out now. This song is a testament to her talent as a loop artist, delivering a universe reverbing from wall to wall. Her voice drives the track with such emotion you can feel the struggle of the story.

Passionate about the topic of abuse, Chersea herself best describes the journey: “Some relatoinships are abusive, but not all abuse is physical. My new single ‘I Can’t Be You’, explores gas-lighting; the manipulation of someone through psychological means into questioning their own sanity. The affected person views their emotional situation through a distorted lens, and becomes willing to sacrifies their own happiness and health to conform to the flawed perspective. The effect of that sacrafice allows the cycle to continue and in the process, one loses their individuality, as well as their grip of reality.”