June 28, 2019  /  Max Blansjaar

Location: Oxford,UK (Originally Amsterdam)

FFO: Darwin Deez, Mac DeMarco, Beck

Label: Beanie Tapes

16 year old youngster Max Blansjaar returns with the lo-fi wonder “Life’s Too Easy”. Starting off his first few years musical years as a virtuoso classical pianist, it wasn’t until 2017 that Max began to experiment with his unique take on lo-fi music. Changing his musical path saw the songwriter record a debut EP entitled “Spit it Out”, which turned into a successful project for the artist. 

Returning with a warming take on indie pop, “Life’s Too Easy” tells the story of being lost and how the world still turns even if you feel like it isn’t. As an arrangement, you can feel the ‘numbness’ that Max is feeling through the repetitive vocal melody. Drawing attention to the production, it’s polished and feels a lot more perfect then any other lo-fi tune. Generating a strong indie aura, the adventurous within the number escalates with every listen. We’re loving the DIY sound he’s created and can’t wait to hear what lies ahead for the songwriter.