July 16, 2018  /  Cape Cub

Location: United Kingdom

FFO: Amber Run, Ed Prosek

Label: Unsigned

Cape Cub, release their first single as a band, called ‘Moonglow’. This track features soft and subtle harmonies but is hit with an energetic and upbeat chorus that brings the song to life and produce that care-free spirit. All you wanna do it throw your hands in the air and run wild.

‘Moonglow’ is based on the idea of how you feel when you finally reach the light at the end of the tunnel and the feeling of not caring anymore. The vocals that are sung with so much soul prove the talent of this band.

Cape Cub have gone from strength to strength, with their emotive live shows, becoming sold-out as they play across the UK, as well as sharing stages  with, The Temper Trap, Fickle Friends, Picture This, We Are Scientists, Sunset Sons and Clean Cut Kid. The rest of 2018 is filled with excitement and achievements for Cape Cub as we discover the bands true talent!

Moonglow is out now. Check it out!