October 25, 2017  /  BONNIE X CLYDE

Location: Miami, US

FFO: Mercy X, Not Your Dope

Label: Insomniac Records

Vocalist and producing dynamic double-act BONNIE X CLYDE team up with mysterious Orlando based trap duo PURGE, on new track ‘Torn’. To say this music is ‘dancefloor friendly’ is an understatement; but to say that it is only that is a lie. The chorus kicks ass, but the lyrics have depth and the verses are more orientated towards atmospheric synths rather than heavy beats.

Bonnie X Clyde describe the track as “being about expressing your true, raw feelings and coming to terms with them…and understanding it’s ok to need help and to not be ok all the time.” ‘Torn’ is about being self-aware, and is self aware itself. With it’s mix of genres, use of the heavier aspects of PURGE’s sound and showcase of BONNIE X CLYDE’s ‘vocal bass’ which combines Bonnie‘s gorgeous voice with melodic basslines and avant-garde accents;  it is exceptional, eclectic, electronic music at its best