November 5, 2019  /  Bryar

Fresh from the clutches of a toxic production deal, Bryar has released her debut effort ‘Still Lie’.

With not just a banging debut single under her belt, but a whole EP to come too, Bryar is all set for world domination. ‘Still Lie’ is narratively about the internal battle we face when trying to do the right thing, even though in doing that we still may hurt those that we care about.

This bop was written four years ago, but thankfully it’s finally made its way to our ears. It’s one hell of an introduction and sure showcases her vulnerability, but complete power as an artist.

What’s more is that we’re told that the upcoming EP, Confessions of a Cultivated Mind is a ‘tell all’ of sorts, centred around the ‘hyper controlling leadership of her pastor/producer and his wife’. The EP is set for release in early 2020.