June 5, 2018  /  Broken Bellows

Location: California, USA

FFO: The 1975, Chromeo

Record Label: Fervor Records

With their debut album on the horizon, Broken Bellows make a glorious return with the single ‘Dangerous Game’, a catchy, playful pop banger. It’s cliche and quite unimaginative to describe music as fun, and many might sneer at such a description, but Broken Bellows, the duo comprised of Cory Brent and Will Prinzi, former members of pop punk band Reckless Serenade, would probably be overjoyed to see that their brand of exciting indie-pop is doing exactly what should be: fun. ‘Dangerous Game’ is full of bubble-gum sweet synths, rhythmically pleasing bass and funky guitars.

The duo of Brent and Prinzi have taken their experience of playing in a successful pop-punk band and taken it to the next level. Without the constraints of being in a band, the duo are able to flirt with several different genres, as their EP ‘The Card Table’, released last year shows. ‘Dangerous Game’ acts as the lead single for the band’s debut album, ‘I, Kaleidoscope’, due for release on Fervor Records July 13th. We here at Born can’t wait to hear how Broken Bellows’ sound evolves on their debut album.