July 12, 2018  /  Brockhampton

Location: California, USA

FFO: Outkast, Anderson .Paak, Domo Genesis

Label: Question Everything, Inc. / RCA Records / Sony Music Entertainment

When the phrase “boy-band” is thrown around, it doesn’t often conjure up images of laid-back hip hop beats, soulful vocal deliveries and rap flows reminiscent of Outkast. But self-styled “hardest working boy-band in show business” Brockhampton are doing just that.

Their latest single ‘1999 Wildfire’ is an impressive conglomeration of musical style, blending elements of 90s R&B and soulful hip-hop, breaking down with garage vibes around the three minute mark. The track brings a plethora of vocal patterns too, with the Cali lads going back-to-back showcasing a cornucopia of cadence and a richness of rhythm.

If all boy-bands put in the work like Brockhampton, maybe the music industry would be in a better place.