December 7, 2017  /  Gender Roles

Location: Brighton

FFO: Pet Grief, Broadbay, Bloody Knees

Label: Big Scary Monsters

Continuing their emo-revival and pop-punk crusade, Brighton’s three-piece Gender Roles release a gritty (but still unbelievably catchy) track with ‘Plastic’. Featuring grunge guitar elements and a wall-of-sound climactic ending, ‘Plastic’ is a scathing observation of ‘fake’ and ‘plastic’ people, “I’m nothing but a camera / You’re nothing but a screen”. However, the track can perhaps be considered as a wider social commentary amidst the insecurities and fallacies of the internet generation; where people post online only what they want you to see. In any case, the repeated mantra of a chorus “My plastic everything” holds the driving force of the song, along with chugging riffs, punchy drums and a ripping guitar solo towards the end. Sweet.