May 8, 2018  /  Breakfast Muff

Location: Glasgow, UK

FFO: Peaness, Goat Girl, Girl Ray

Record Label: Prawnshelle Records

Multi-talented trio Breakfast Muff are back with single ‘You’re Not Written in My Stars’, are carefree indie pop jangle. The opener to their latest EP ‘Crocodile’, Breakfast Muff toy with the idea of making a dancefloor ready hit, with a shuffling drum beat that builds and builds the track up to an anthemic chorus that is made to belted right into the night. ‘You’re Not Written in My Stars’ is an affirmative single about breaking free from those that hold you back: ‘but those two shackles I cast the moment I was free’.

In many respects, Breakfast Muff have broken free from the typical confinements of the band ‘structure’. Though only a trio, the band are extremely talented, with each member taking reigns of every duty (drumming, vocals, bass, guitar) from track to track. The ‘Crocodile’ EP saw the band bring their own brand of punk ethos to a lo-fi pop sound. In the current political climate, we all need a band like Breakfast Muff to fight for those who need representation.