June 28, 2018  /  BOO

Location: Brighton

FFO: Shy Layers, Agar Agar

Label: Unsigned

If pure, unadulterated electro-pop is what you’re after, you’ve come to the right place.

Battery Operated Orchestra (or BOO for short) are the synth-tickling electro aficionados that’ll be taking the world by storm before you know it. It’s all DIY, with Chris Black and Brigitte Rose handling everything from creating and designing CDs to the lighting at shows, and it allows for their art to be expressed at every turn.

‘Bella’ is their latest single, a nostalgic summer scorcher that bathes you in polysynth waves, washing over terse percussion and meandering bass-lines that lay the groundwork for Brigitte’s ethereal vocal delivery. Drawing influence from ABBA and DEVO, BOO never lose that catchy pop sensibility that so often gets lost in the lucid realms of synth. It’s irony free, and doesn’t pretend to be anything other than it is; darn good synth-pop with a deliciously vintage feel.

On the video, Brigitte Rose explains: “It takes you to a safe place in the midst of danger and noise, but if you look closely you’ll find the images aren’t real, they’re just memories, and you can’t live in your memories forever.”