May 15, 2018  /  Blackaby

Location: London

FFO: Pelicat, AWAY

Label: RIP Records

London-based trio Blackaby have released their second single ‘Georgie Wants A Garden’ as a part of RIP Records’ second year of their ‘Introduces Series’. Born in Maidstone, Will Blackaby invited Swedish guitarist and vocalist Rebecka Reinhard to join forces after seeing her play a solo show and finding himself captivated. They were later joined by Ziyad Al-Samman on bass. Will’s DIY approach is apparent in his music as he recorded 15 tracks in the living room of producer Jake Miller. ‘Georgie Wants A Garden’ is Blackaby’s second single, following their debut single ‘My Paula’. Will explains, “’Georgie Wants A Garden’ is about not being satisfied with what we have when we have lots. ‘She’s doing fine, but George wants a garden’ sums it up.” Despite only having played five shows so far, Blackaby seem to have a prosperous future ahead of them and have been invited to support Eleanor Friedberger.