May 15, 2019  /  Sophomooreik

Location: London

Label: Unsigned

FFO: Slowthai

‘BishBashBosh’ is the high impact follow up to 21-year-old Sophomooreik’s debut track ‘As Of Late’.

If you’re a fan of the ever-popular Slowthai, then this is someone you definitely need on your radar. Pointed, energetic vocals that will definitely stir up some excitement in your innards with simple production, letting his lyrics do all the talking.

Sophomooreik is focussing all of his lyrics around a ‘coming of age’ narrative that we feel will be all to familiar to some. The storytelling is set to develop even further over the release of a forthcoming string of tracks.

Speaking on the track Sophomooreik explained that “BishBashBosh exudes a youthful, rebellious energy from the start. This is what happens when the youth are able to speak up. It’s about not being confined or constricted by society’s views on ‘people your age’ and instead, becoming and living your own truth.”

Stick this on, turn it up loud and join the Sophomooreik journey.