December 17, 2018  /  Be Forest

Location: Italy

FFO: Phoria, Lazyeyes

Label: WWNBB Collective

Italian post-punk/shoegaze collective Be Forest return to the airwaves with ‘Bengala,’ the first offering from their upcoming third album Knocturne.

And what a tour de force it is; After nearly five years since their last album, Be Forest are definitely back with a bang. ‘Bengala’ is perhaps their most hypnotic effort to date, blending the dreamy aesthetic of guitar-led shoegaze with rising cinematic soundscapes of celestial synth and swirling stadium drums.

It truly evokes a feeling of the epic, crafting a musical landscape that sounds akin to a soaring sonic skyline of a distant planet.

“‘Bengala’ is the spotlight that lights up the stage after the curtains open,” explain the band. “A celestial body which at the moment of its impact allows us to glimpse our surroundings – it’s the brightest point, the north of the compass. This is, though, only ONE of the coordinates of Knocturne. Perhaps the most reassuring.”