May 16, 2018  /  bdrmm

Location: Hull, UK

FFO: The Wytches, Beach House, Slowdive

Record Label: bdrmm & friends

bdrmm are masters of combining the epic with the seemingly mundane, and create their own ‘gross dreamy noise’ on latest single ‘The Way I Want’. Ditching the phone recordings of their previous singles, the band have enlisted the help of Forever Cult bassist Alex Greaves to produce this wandering ‘anti-epic’ (as the band define it). ‘The Way I Want’ dreamily wanders through its near six minute run time, hazy synths and jangling guitars meandering through the air. Singer and guitarist Ryan Smith’s vocals slowly emanate in and out of existence, a layer of reverb evoking some of the best of shoegaze (see Slowdive). Slowly, and at its own pace, ‘The Way I Want’ builds and builds into a crescendo of noise, slowly moving back into one final chorus before leaving lazily out of the back door.

The tale of the creation of the song is suitably dreamy for bdrmm. Smith states that ‘I was woken up by a phone call from someone I did n’t want to speak to, so I put Pavement on and made some scrambled eggs. I had a day off work and wanted to write something new but had no inspiration so just used my morning as the influence.

With already having airtime on Radio 1, expect bdrmm to help push shoegaze back into the limelight from the north of the UK.