July 28, 2017  /  Basement Revolver

Location: Ontario, Canada

FFO: Swimming Tapes, Hazel English, Alvvays

Label: Fear Of Missing Out Records

Canadian trio Basement Revolver share ‘Mountains’. The latest track to be shared from their new EP Agatha, ‘Mountains’ is a loud and moody piece of alternative rock that juxtaposes Chrisy Hurn’s soaring vocal with distorted and emotive guitars.

Of the track she says: “I wrote ‘Mountains’ after summer of major self-discovery. I grew up in a somewhat religious environment, and while a lot of what I learned and experienced was good and important to my core beliefs today, there was a lot that I needed to unlearn. Probably the biggest part of this learning curve was understanding my identity as a woman – growing up there was a strange undercurrent in my perception of the world, that as a woman, my voice would not be heard or taken seriously, that I was less important than men (who were the head of the household, to whom I was told to submit). Strangely, I don’t think my parents lived this way, but my community modeled these beliefs. I felt stifled. So when I moved away for the summer, I started to ask the harder questions surrounding my faith, I went down some paths that left me vulnerable. From there, things get a little too personal to share, but a few months later I was in Alberta, in the mountains with my sister, and I have never felt so small – but I also felt a lot of love and healing. I wrote ‘Mountains’ in response to all of this.”