October 25, 2017  /  Chasbo Zelena


FFO: Hooley, Quiet Rebellion

Label: Unsigned

Reminiscent of Beck’s ‘Loser’, Chasbo Zelena‘s track blends the 1-4-5s of blues with the 808s of beats. ‘Bad Things’ has the ramshackle sound of microphone half submerged in the sludge of the Mississippi Delta but is nonetheless something perfectly crafted and is guaranteed to stand apart from everything else you have heard today. The self-proclaimed exponent of ‘electro-blues’, Zelena combines harmonica, slide and a collection of blues cliches with a hip hop inspired drum loop. Drawing on the mutual aggression found in both styles of music, he creates something which sounds diverse, but not divergent; and as the track progresses so to does its coherence.