October 5, 2018  /  Ava Heatley

Location: New York, US

FFO: Odina, Sam Valdez

Label: Unsigned

Raw, authentic and beautifully self-aware; these are the words we’d use to describe New York songstress Ava Heatley‘s music, and her latest track ‘Beautiful/Terrifying’ serves as a wonderful testament.

Soft piano chords and building synths swirl behind the soundscape, as Ava’s airy vocal delivery soars and meanders through her trademark down-to-earth, relatable lyricism. Around the minute mark, roiling guitar work and orchestral drums enter the piece before building to an anthemic crescendo as the track comes to a close. It’s a constantly evolving piece of music that showcases both an authentic, personal songwriting sensibility and raw emotionalism that has come to be her trademark.

“To me, songwriting is overreacting,” explains Ava. “It’s refusing to move on. It’s holding a grudge. It’s framing and illuminating the thoughts you get embarrassed you had ten minutes after thinking them. It’s taking moments that you’d otherwise let go and putting them in print, forever immortalizing them. It’s melodramatic.”