May 16, 2018  /  Aunty Social

Location: Toronto, Canada

FFO: HAIM, Imogen Heap

Record Label: Unsigned

With her debut single ‘You Seem Different’, Aunty Social has created an indie-pop song that starts with spark and energy before switching completely to an angelic vocal and ambient background that is akin to some of the best work by Imogen Heap and her contemporaries. The first half of this debut track is lush and adeptly crafted. A mesh of electronic instrumentation, this is indie-pop done right. However, that peppy sound and pop sensibility is almost abandoned after at the halfway point. From here, the song is stripped back, with Aunty Social’s vocals sweeping the track, subtle auto-tune and delicate instrumentation accompanying a highly emotional coda.

Aunty Social explained the meaning behind the track, and delved into the judgement and scorn many millennials face. ‘This song came from the darker side of growing up a millennial and how our peers are quick to judge someone’s character and circumstances just through social media presence. I stopped taking social media seriously, posted photos and videos of whatever I felt in the moment. Sometimes my dealings with depression or eccentric facial expressions after too many glasses of wine. A friend who hadn’t seen me in over 3 years accused me of being on drugs because of my carelessness and that ended up becoming the inspiration of this song, hence the song title (which she actually said to me), “you seem different”‘.