May 3, 2018  /  Atlas Wynd

Location: Brighton, UK

FFO: Biffy Clyro, King Nun, Queens Of The Stone Age

Record Label: Meltdown Music Productions

Atlas Wynd return with their second single of the year ‘Helpless’, a brutal colossus. For one minute and forty four seconds, this really makes it mark. The Brighton-based three piece sure know how to make a commanding riff, and ‘Helpless’ certainly leaves the listener helpless to stop it. Many contemporary rock bands will play a riff til its limp death, but Atlas Wynd are clever in their brevity. Lead vocalist and guitar player Peter Chapman started the creation of the track when he began experimenting with low tunings, and the rest of the band followed. We sure are happy they did.

‘Helpless’ has the song-writing of a band well into their discography, not a three piece that are just out of their teens. With a forthcoming EP due for release produced by Liam Watson (yes, the producer of The White Stripes’ ‘Elephant’), it seems like Atlas Wynd probably have a fantastic year ahead.