May 17, 2018  /  Annabel Allum

Location: Guildford

FFO: Dama Scout, Pip Blom, Our Girl

Label: Killing Moon Records

Folk-style storytelling mixed with snarling indie charm – that’s what Guildford-based singer-songwriter Annabel Allum brings to the table in this fresh new cut from her forthcoming EP Sorry I’m Not Perceptible.

‘Em(ily)’ marks the third release from the EP, and it’s a charming track that expresses thanks to a friend who’s always been there. It’s got a more experimental vibe than her other works, ebbing and flowing from reverb-drenched verses to dark, chugging riffs and scintillating vocal hooks. It’s deliciously unique, and sets the stage perfectly in anticipation for her appearance at BBC Radio 1’s Biggest Weekend on the 26th May.

 “Em(ily) started off as a song of me taking the piss about how many times I go to my best mate asking for help / life advice / guidance,” explains Allum. “I’ve wanted to write a song for her for a very long time, eventually this came out and I’m actually really proud of it. I was able to get really experimental with this one, trying things I normally don’t get to”.