October 19, 2018  /  Anna Wolf

Location: South Africa & London

FFO: Meg Myers, Lola Marsh

Label: Unsigned

‘Believer’ is the debut single from Anna Wolf, a powerful, poignant cut that marks the start of her journey of self discovery and assurance.

It’s about breaking the silence of domestic abuse, delving into the turbulence of her early life to release all of that pent up emotion in one crescendo of sonic brilliance. Stomping drums sound a call to arms war-march as she delivers a hypnotising vocal take that flows atop the beat with verve. Layered synths and a myriad of electronic effects ebb and flow throughout the track, but often disperse to let Wolf’s poignant lyricism take centre stage backed by solitary guitar chords.

“As a child I hid away a lot, either under beds or in trees,” explains Wolf. “I escaped by using my hands and body to melt and hide into my own skin. I used to listen to music then. Music became my armor, my strength. Soon enough, I realized that it was safe for my skin to come out and breath.

I wrote Believer as my debut single track in a bathtub. I stumped my feet so loud in the bath that the neighbors banged on the front door. You can still hear it if you listen carefully to the track. I am ready to shed my past now…

I am Anna Wolf, and this is Believer.”