December 7, 2017  /  Anna Burch

Location: Detroit

FFO: Courtney Barnett, Eleanor Friedberger

Label: Polyvinyl Record Co.

Detroit-based singer-songwriter Anna Burch releases a deceptively upbeat indie gem with new track ‘Tea-soaked Letter’. The floating, dreamy vocals pair well with her poignantly straightforward lyrics, which open with ‚ÄúStrange the ones you love could bury your body underground.” Despite the anxiety and melancholy permeated by the vocals, the instrumental has a calming assurance to it, with an uninvasive but driving drum rhythm and melodic chord progression that never falters. The contrast between the lyrical theme and instrumentals makes for an interesting and comforting listen.

“Writing songs that I actually liked for the first time gave me a feeling of accomplishment,” says Burch. “Like, I can do this too! But working with other musicians and hearing the songs go from sad singer/songwriter tunes to arranged pop songs gave me this giddy confidence that I’d never felt before.”