November 26, 2017  /  Strong Asian Mothers

Location: London

FFO: Anteros, Superfood

Label: Unsigned

London indie-electro trio Strong Asian Mothers’ new video is, in a word, awesome. Featuring spaceship battles, Star Wars references and even their own mothers, what’s not to love? Yes, you heard us – all the women featured in the video are indeed the “eponymous matriarchs who raised them.” Here’s a couple of facts worth knowing about the video:

– All the Cockpit interiors are real life size sets built by Amar and dressed by him and drummer Josh Stadlen

– The space ships flying around in space were miniature models built and painted from scratch by Josh and his brother Sam Stadlen.

– The woman in the video playing the evil general is vocalist and keyboard-player Khushi’s Mum

– The other women in the video playing rebel generals are Josh and keyboard-player Amar’s mums.

– The host of “Science Today” is comedian Alistair Donegal

Blending an awesome mix of hip-hop, electronic and pop, Strong Asian Mothers express a musical diversity that exudes a love for music, and a good time.

“The track is about the unrivalled feeling of chasing/achieving that great night out” explain the band. “Meeting new people and forging unforgettable connections, dancing to your hearts content, letting a night take you anywhere, and perhaps meeting someone special in the process… that and Wally. Where is that guy? He’s hard to find sometimes.”