December 7, 2017  /  Ambiere

Location: Manchester

FFO: Shadowlark, London Grammar

Label: Unsigned

Up-and-coming Manchester three-piece Ambiere like to create “ambient fairytale sounds and big beats”, but the sound of ‘I See Faces’ is more akin to that of a lucid nightmare. With a floating, ebb-and-flow ambience, the track hits hard with powerful sub-bass, rattling guitar chords and rippling, ominous synth. Atop this dreamy soundscape and finalising the beautiful sublimation of Ambiere are the vocals of Amber Lane-McIvor, which strike with a poignancy similar to that of London Grammar’s Hannah Reid.

“The track was written about the feeling of waking up from a nightmare, and the intense panicky feeling you get as you try to separate reality from what’s been going on in your head.”