January 10, 2019  /  Amaal

Location: Toronto, Canada

FFO: Khalid, Nana Fofie

Label: Public Records Inc / Universal Music Canada Inc.

Emotionally intense and sonically rich, ‘Not What I Thought’ is the latest single from Somalian songstress Amaal, and – in all honesty – it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Pulsing minimalist beats roll behind deep sub bass and soft subtle acoustics and synth, leaving the spotlight for Amaal herself, providing a rich and silky backdrop for her honeyed vocal take drenched in soul and feeling. It’s a beautifully moody piece that showcases not only her silken vocal timbre, but a deft productional hand that truly allows her voice to soar.

And if that’s not enough, the track’s tone is set by an enchanting visual accompaniment, shot in wondrous landscapes of sea-swept coastline and vast open plains beset by towering mountains and waterfalls. Everything about the track – from the sonic to the aesthetic – swirls with this intoxicating sense of beauty and melancholy.

Tune in, and lose yourself in the enchanting alt-R&B world of Amaal Nuux.