July 17, 2018  /  SKOLES

Location: United Kingdom

FFO: 1975, Fall Out Boy, Bleaches

Label: Republic Records, Stardog Records, Buskin Records

SKOLES share their new track ‘Am I Going Too Crazy’, which features their self-described style of ‘pop songs hidden in plain sight’.  This track is powered by glitchy polyrhythmic drums, neon production and a chamber of echos which then slips into a towering falsetto over driving modular synths.

SKOLES says, ‘When something is over that you’ve been trying to keep alive for a long time, there’s always this sense of I could have handled myself so much better. I felt like I’d hurt a lot of people all at once, and it all got a bit much. I wanted to write something totally honest about that part of my life.’ 

With honest and personal lyrics, SKOLES have yet again produced another incredible track, which is powered by an entrancing sound that keeps you all on your toes.