November 20, 2017  /  Taliwhoah

Location: London


Label: Rostrum Records

Taliwhoah is an artist who lives and breathes a “you can’t box me in” mentality, with more than just a sprinkle of sass. It should perhaps come as no surprise that music runs in the family, as both Taliwhoah’s aunt and mother were members of legendary funk band Boney M.

Mixing mesmerising, soulful vocals with her fair share of R&B swagger, Taliwhoah elicits the same reaction wherever she goes… yeah, you guessed it: ‘Woah!’

In her new track, ‘Meds’, the minimalist, punchy rhythm allows for the powerful vocals of Taliwhoah to really shine, and the combination is hypnotic.

Talking about her new track ‘Meds’, Taliwhoah says: “Sometimes some people need a taste of their own medicine to truly understand the way their selfishness is affecting others. ‘Meds’ was written so I could get that message across to a certain someone loud and clear lol.”