May 7, 2018  /  ABC Dialect

Location: London

FFO: The Cold Seas, Magdalena Bay, MIKNNA

Label: Aqua Juice

‘Who We Are’ is the debut single from funky fresh newcomers Abc Dialect. Born in Argentina but now based in London, the duo craft nu-disco at it’s finest, channeling smooth house vibes with a pseudo-psychedelic edge. Released ahead of their upcoming debut EP, the duo announce their arrival onto the scene with this tantalising glimpse of what’s to come.

Bringing nostalgic disco vibes, ‘Who We Are’ combines bouncy, clap-track rhythm and funked-up slap bass to provide the backdrop, but refreshes them for a contemporary era as breezy synth notes float in and out of earshot, alongside soft piano notes that add a touch of class. It’s laid-back and effortlessly cool, and the duo’s reverb-drenched vocal flows calmly over the beat with a certain suaveness.

If dreampop and disco were to have a love-child, it might sound something like Abc Dialect.