August 23, 2018  /  Claire George

Location: Los Angeles, USA

FFO: Jessy Lanza, Warpaint, Disco Shrine, Jessie Ware

Label: Lazy Susan

Claire George is at home in the enigmatic. The music is doing the talking, proven by second single ‘Where Do You Go?’ which will feature on her debut EP Bodies of Water.

Delicate layers of afrobeat percussion dapple the soft synth lines, all working to complement George’s breathtaking voice. In the hands of a less refined vocalist, the emotive lyrics of ‘Where Do You Go?’ could end up without structure or weight, but the Seattle native has the ability to give the character and depth from all ranges of her voice.

From hoovering golf balls to posing on tennis courts, George’s music and aesthetic is inspired by ordinary life made surreal and unsettling. On “Where Do You Go?”, she searches to feel comfortable in the present and embrace changes in her life, not longing for the past, but the fully developed reality does not arrive as the expected image. From the two tracks to her name, George is promising to be a beguiling voice in indie pop.