Birmingham’s Pleasure House have returned! Sans a member (James) and armed with refined, energetic new material under their belts, ready to make 2017 their own. Leading their mighty return with the brilliant track ‘Calm’ and then announcing a hefty UK headline tour, we spoke with Alex to get the low down on what exactly is happening in Pleasure House.

Discussing James’ departure from the band, the Pleasure House guys explain to us how for them, being in a band is like being married to the other members, so when James left it was evidently a huge shock to the system. Thankfully, it hasn’t deterred any of them and here they are! “James will always be a part of the band and we’ll always stay friends, but now it feels like we’ve entered the stage of Pleasure House 2.0 and we’re in a real good place.” That good place cannot be clearer too, with the highly refined, infectious sound of their new material…

Speaking about new single ‘Calm’, Alex explains to us how the creative process behind it was actually pretty interesting. “The majority of lyrics were written a long time before we’d even started putting it to music, mainly in the form of scribbles in my notepad.” When the time came to take it to the rest of the band during rehearsal one day, the pure energy of the track won everyone over instantly – something we can definitely relate to!

“I had a pretty clear message in my head, and it was a perfect reflection of the state my brain was in. I was sick of the negative and wanted to bring some light to the darkness and it just developed naturally as this major-key protest anthem” Alex extends, going on to describe ‘Calm’ as “the sucker punch” that will hopefully spark some conversation, when asked what drove the decision to make it the lead track of the upcoming EP.

The brand new EP, which is due for release nearer the end of May, is set to see a new, much more mature side to the Birmingham band. “Gone are the days of singing about romance and ‘going out with the lads’. I’ve tried to say something important with every line I’ve written and each tune on the EP hopefully reflects this with its own story.” Alex explains, adding that he’s “honestly never opened up as much as I’ve done on this EP, it’s been difficult.”

In addition to the lyrical content having that more mature feel to it, Pleasure House have delved into their rock roots, throwing in some surf and psychedelic sounds for good measure and bringing in the production talents of Bruce Rintoul (Twin Atlantic, Fatherson), to ensure that the sound has matured at the same rate, “it’s without a doubt the best thing we’ve ever done” they tell us.

To showcase all this new material, what better than to go on an extensive U.K headline tour? Kicking off next week at Birmingham’s The Sunflower Lounge the Pleasure House lads are quick to let us know how excited they are. “Tour is the thing that makes everything worthwhile. When you’re sitting on your computer watching pixels and numbers it all becomes a bit stifling, but when you get on the road and you’re within physical distance of people who are singing at you, digging what you’re doing, it’s a real tangible experience that can be pretty euphoric.”


For those who’ve seen Pleasure House live before, the band have completely re-written their set. Planning on playing tracks off the upcoming EP, a few favourite old ones and even a few tracks that are newer than even the new EP (so much NEW!) “We’re genuinely so excited to take it out on the road. We’ve taken out some of the electronics we used to roll with and it’s given the whole show a more energetic, scuzzier vibe.”

Following the excitement of the tour, the Pleasure House boys tell us that they’ve already started demoing for EP 3! They have been busy… as they say “there will always be plenty more to sing about” just like there’ll always be plenty more for us to marvel over, ehy!