parcelsPARCELS PICKS… The Most Expressive Voice in Music: Songs containing Spoken Word
We’ve been massive fans of PARCELS and their psychedelic disco funk ever since we heard their stellar song ‘Myenemy’, so we must say that we were surprised when, upon asking them to curate a playlist for the site, they returned with a mix of spoken word favourites! Turns out, the band are big lovers of a good ol’ soliloquy – just like in new single ‘Gamesofluck’ – and their playlist has a real variety of tracks.
Here’s what the band had to say :

“Some say singing is the purest form of expression but this pales in comparison with mere speech. We’ve always been drawn to the simple purity of spoken word in music and in our single Gamesofluck, if you listen closely, you can hear some towards the end. Whether it replaces singing entirely or just for one powerful moment, it can be used as a satisfying reminder of the essence of our humanity. Any old thing with a voice box can sing but it takes true thought and mastery of communication to speak with meaning.”

Parcels’ latest track ‘Gamesofluck’ can be heard in the playlist.