Hello Paper Buoys, firstly give me a little a little context on the band. How did you all meet and when did you start making music together?

Newey: Stu, Pug & Nick all went to the same school. I met them through a mutual friend. We’ve made music ever since. Paper Buoys is the result.

Your first single ‘Fun’ went down really well with features on Amazing Radio and BBC Introducing, did you expect the reaction to be so positive?

Newey: It did get some decent radio plays… Brum Radio and Black Country Radio also A-listed it. We shot a video for it with our good friend Jim…

Stu: … a day trip to Weston-Super-Mare to embrace the arcades, cider, soggy chips and seagulls.

You’ve recently put out ‘Sharp As Razors’, tell us a little about that track? Is it a stand alone or will there be an EP to follow?

Newey: We wrote and recorded the song early 2016. It reflects the mood of the time towards government cuts to disability benefit and the NHS and also about the barrage of misinformation that pervades much of the mainstream media. People are waking up and are pretty angry.

Stu: We’re releasing our debut EP later this year and ‘Sharp As Razors’ will feature on it.

You’re playing the O2 Institute in Birmingham shortly, what do you have prepared for this show? Is it quite nice to gig in your hometown?

Pug: We love playing in Brum. We’re lucky to have so many great venues like The Sunflower Lounge, The Rainbow, Hare and Hounds to name a few. It’s our first time performing here at the Institute. Can’t wait to get up there.

Nick: We’re going to play all the songs that’ll be on our EP and a few newer ones. Now that people are getting to know more of our tunes we hope they’ll feel more involved.

How do you find the live music scene in Birmingham in general? Are people quite open to discovering new music?

Stu: The Brum scene is strong. Lots of people are out watching live music and open to what’s on offer. To name a few… Lobster, Terror Watts, Pleasure House, Mothers Earth Experiment and Youth Man all smashing it in their own way.

As a collective, who would you say are the biggest influences on your sound?

Stu: Anyone from Sleaford Mods, Radiohead, Eagulls, The National, Jamie T, lots of bands and artists really, but it’s not just music and other bands that inspire us. There’s a lot of debate that goes on before we even pick up an instrument. I can be very outspoken on my opinions and that seems to get us all fired up and has a big influence on what we create.

Pug: It’s hard to say as a collective, we all love a lot of the same bands but we also have very different tastes and I think it’s our individual influences combined that makes our sound unique.

What else do you have planned for the rest of 2016, are there more live dates to follow?

Nick: We have a debut EP to release, maybe another music video and more live dates to be announced soon. We would love to go on tour once the EP is out.