Today. The Tin Pigeons reveal their brand new single ‘Wild’, we have the pleasure of premiering it online and let us tell you now, you’re in for a real treat!

They started playing together about five years ago, finding their feet mainly and enjoying music together. But, a month ago Antonio joined them on drums and now, here they are releasing ‘Wild’, complete with BBC coverage, and tonight will be fully celebrating at their show at London’s The Islington.

“’Wild has been wedged in the pipeline for a long time, we’ve been playing with it and tweaking bits for about a year and a half until we felt it was ready. It’s about that feeling in an evening when you’ve really got nothing else left to do but be wth your friends in that moment, separated from the rest of the world!” That blissful time that we’re sure you’ve all experienced once or twice, ehy!

“We love the energy that ‘Wild’ has and it really comes across live too” they explain, “we’re absolutely buzzing for the show at the Islington! We’ve got some really special plans and have been working on it for a while now” they add, ensuring that we’re more than a little bit jealous that we won’t be there to party with them.

Their sound, for those who haven’t acquainted themselves with it yet, is folk-infused indie, full of brilliant songwriting and beautiful harmonies that will no doubt win you over in no time at all. “We love writing music that reflects our surroundings and how we see things; we’re the musical commentary that nobody asked for” they laugh.

Summer has well and truly begun for them as well, along with festival season, which these guys started back a few months ago with 2Q Festival in Derby, “we played in an amazing old theatre venue and felt like real classy kids.” Next on their festival agenda is El Dorado on the 30th June, they also have Standon Calling coming up, too.

“What’s so nice about being in this band is that everyone brings their own inspirations and they come together in a way we all love. Tom used to be signed to a label producing house music, while Fraser loves folk, I have been hooked on Paul Simon for the past few months and Ant loves anything interesting with drums in it” George explains to us, adding that Bombay Bicycle Club were really pivotal in their sound.

So, what’s next for Tin Pigeons, now that ‘Wild’ is out, following their show tonight and string of festival appearances? “We just hope to keep doing what we are doing, as much as possible. Playing live and writing together is amazing and we’d love to maintain it for as long as possible” Aren’t they nice?!

“Plus Tom keeps losing his phone and he’d be lost without us.”

Catch The Tin Pigeons complete with new track ‘Wild’ tonight (18th June) at The Islington.