They’ve rocked our 2017 and we need more! Featuring A.K Paul, Thyla, SOPHIE, vverevvolf, The Aces to name a few – see who else we’ve got our eyes on…


Location: Paris, France

Label: Distiller Records

FFO: Tame Impala

Key Facts: This year’s ambitous Egonomy is more of an album than an EP (and they blew the audience away when they played our #FUTURECUTS gig earlier this year!)

Must Listen: ‘Just So You Know’ KW


Location: Brighton, UK

Label: Unsigned

FFO: Cocteau Twins, Sunflower Bean, Wolf Alice

Key Facts: The band hark back to 80s indie pop, mixing dreamy atmospherics with attitude despite only having a handful of tracks to their name. (They also have a Christmas song!)

Must Listen: ‘Ferris Wheels’ KW


Location: London, UK

Label: Killing Moon Records

FFO: Banks, Charlotte OC, Laura Welsh

Key Facts: Born in Britain and raised in Australia, Parker returned to her native shores to pursue her musical endeavours. Her debut single ‘Thighs’ was featured on the MTV series Catfish when it was released in 2015.

Must Listen: ‘Runs and Rides’ KW


Label: Red Bull Records

FFO: Muna, Fickle Friends, The 1975

Key Facts: Comprised of sisters Cristal and Alisa Ramirez and longtime friends McKenna Petty and Katie Henderson, the four-piece write confessional, unabashed pop that you’ll be eager to boogie down to.

Must Listen: ‘Stuck’, ‘Baby Who’ KW


Location: London, UK

Label: Yucatan Records

FFO: Pale Waves, Lorde, Shadowlark

Key Facts: Lead singer Vanessa successfully auditioned for an ‘all female pop band’, curated by Louis Tomlinson of One Direction before deciding that she wanted to pursue a future with Swimming Girls instead.

Must Listen: ‘Tastes Like Money’ KW


Location: Jutland, Denmark

FFO: Oneohtrix Point Never, Jamie XX

Label: Unsigned

Key Facts:

  • ‘thesign’ was inspired by listening to birds at night and interpreting the ancient sigh of the ice age landscapes in the Jutlandic region of Denmark.
  • Art collective who also sell clothing.
  • Very elusive…

Must Listen: thesign RB



Location: Rayner’s Lane, London

FFO: Jai Paul, NAO

Label: Paul Institute

Key Facts:

  • Brother of Jai Paul, who caused a buzz with ‘BTSTU (Edit)’ back in 2010 and ‘Jasmine’.
  • Started his own label, Paul Institute, with his brother.
  • Worked with big names such as Emile Sande, Sam Smith, Nao, Miguel and Big Boi.
  • Famously keeps a low profile creating the mysterious image both he and his brother behold.

Must Listen: Landcruisin’ RB


Location: Los Angeles

FFO: A. G. Cook, GFOTY

Label: Unsigned


  • Came to prominence in 2013 and 2014 with singles such as ‘Bipp’ and ‘Lemonade’.
  • Was never seen in the flesh until this year in the video for ‘It’s Okay To Cry’, previously covering parts of her body or masking her voice in interviews.
  • At one Boiler Room show, drag performer Ben Woozy was recruited to mime a DJ set while Sophie pretended to be a bodyguard.
  • Has produced for artists such as Madonna, Charli XCX, Vince Staples and many more.

Must Listen: It’s Okay To Cry RB


Location: Santa Ana

FFO: Phoebe Bridgers, Molly Burch

Label: Interscope Records

Key Facts:

  • She was raised as a Jōdo Shinshū Buddhist, learning to play the taiko drums in a church group.
  • Met her band on Tinder.
  • Sells clothing with ‘God is a woman’ printed on. Cop one…

Must Listen: Give It To Me RB


Location: London

FFO: The Shimmer Band, King No-one

Label: Unsigned

Key Facts:

  • Duo first met as teenagers in the 00s indie scene and were both in bands (Rowan’s group, Burmese Days, were once supported by Florence + the Machine).
  • Their pub rock song ‘Local, Girl’ was written when they decided “let’s write a song about pubs. It was all just an in-joke basically. And it got played on Radio 1.”

Must Listen: Party Politics RB


Location: Bristol

FFO: Ibeyi, Tuvaband

Label: Unsigned

Key Facts:

  • EP The Witching Hour was written after an inspiring trip to South America and draws on the empowering feeling of freedom when travelling.
  • Recent gigs include Green Man Festival, Ronnie Scotts, Sofar Sounds, BBC Music Day, The Louisiana, The Finsborough and The Islington.

Must Listen: Leave It To Fate RB


Location: Manchester

FFO: Dead Pretties, BlackWaters

Label: Modern Sky UK

Key Facts: Originally from Doncaster, Thomas, Charlie and Matt moved to Manchester to pursue a music career as The Blinders. The all-male trio create their punky, psychedelic sound with inspiration from the likes of Iggy Pop and Bob Dylan as well as poetry and literature.

Must Listen: ‘Brave New World’ AC


Location: London

FFO: The Shimmer Band, Baby Strange

Label: Vallance Records

Key Facts: The London four-piece bonded over a shared love of The Smiths and Velvet Underground, and formed a band with the intention of rewriting the indie rule book. Their relentless hard work and touring schedule has built up a massive and ever-growing following.

Must Listen: ‘Who R Ya?’ AC


Location: Liverpool

FFO: Faintest Idea, INHEAVEN

Label: Sasstone Records

Key Facts: Forming as a means of passing time, their genre sits somewhere between pop and hardcore. Their self-confessed ‘angry’ music often focuses on themes of homophobia, transphobia and feminism.

Must Listen: ‘Boy’ AC


Location: Birmingham


Label: Zen Ten

Key Facts: These party-hard brummies embrace rock and roll lifestyle. They recently released a video for ‘Sick of Me’ which portrayed a terrible day at Brighton Pier where no acting was necessary, thanks to their hangovers from the night before!

Must Listen: ‘Sick of Me’ AC


Location: Berkeley, CA

FFO: Pumarosa, Dream Wife

Label: Unsigned

Key Facts: The synth-pop duo, Kelsey LaRae and Dylan Gallagher, from California began making music together in 2013 but hadn’t recorded any music until 2017 and released the bubbly ‘Cruel Games’, a song focused on the theme of failure.

Must Listen: ‘Cruel Games’ AC