They’ve rocked our 2017 and we need more! Featuring Geowulf, Casi, Hey Charlie, HAUX, Dave to name a few, they’ve earned their spot on our Ones To Watch…


Location: Uxbridge

Label: Chess Club Records

Key Facts:

  • They’ve had a mega year of gigs this year, from Slacker, to supporting The Wombats, supporting the likes of Inheaven and Sundara Karma, not to mention packing out a tent early in the day at Truck Festival.
  • Whetherspoons has so far been an important part of their musical careers.
  • They got inspiration for their name from Maoam Bloxx’s.

Must Listen: ‘Coke’ Samantha Daly


Location: London

Label: Elephant Records

Key Facts:

  • 4-piece consisting of Ed, Emma, Glyn and Rich
  • They’re going on tour with To Kill A King in January 2018
  • November saw them complete (and absolutely smash) a UK headline tour.

Must Listen: ‘Getting Over You (By Dressing Up Like You)’ SD

Confidence Man

Location: Brisbane

Label: Heavenly Recordings

Key Facts:

  • Prepare for synchronised dance moves, lots of energy and minimal clothing at their gigs.
  • They’ve just completed a tour hitting locations such as Russia, The Netherlands, U.K, France and of course Australia.
  • They’ve only released a handful of singles, but be sure that they have a load more bangers to come.

Must Listen: ‘Boyfriend’ SD


Location: Originally Australia; Now between Berlin, London, Gothenburg

Label: 37 Adventures

Key Facts:

  • Their debut album Great Big Blue is set for release in February on the 16th.
  • They’re one of the many bands to have been featured in Flying Vinyl’s monthly packages.
  • A dream-pop duo, consisting of Star Kendrick and Toma Banjanin

Must Listen: ‘Drink Too Much’SD

Sea Girls

Location: London / Leicester and Kent originally

Label: Unsigned

Key Facts:

  • Their debut single ‘Call Me Out’ quickly gained them a lot of attention in the blogosphere.
  • They’re going on tour with George Glew and Courtyards in February.
  • They recently featured in our Christmas Cracker feature

Must Listen: ‘What For’ SD


Location: Massechusetts/London

Label: Ultra Records

Key Facts:

  • He’s off on tour in Spring with none other than Henry Jamieson
  • He recently did a one off show complete with a string orchestra in London
  • For more fun facts, read our Introducing feature with him here.

Must Listen: ‘Seaside’ SD

Goat Girl

Location: London

Label: Rough Trade Records

Key Facts:

  • One of the most talked about indie bands of the year.
  • They had a bit of drama following a news article that claimed they said they were ‘rebuilding the London DIY scene’ – that’s not what they meant.
  • They’re off on a headline tour in March.
  • They so far only have a handful of singles released.

Must Listen: ‘Cracker Drool’ SD

Indoor Pets

Location: Kent

Label: Unsigned

Key Facts:

  • Formerly known as Get Inuit, they recently had to change their name to Indoor Pets following the public conversation started by Inuk throat singer Tanya Tagaq
  • They’re off on a headline tour in February 2018.
  • Despite clashing with The Libertines at Truck Festival they still managed to pack out the Barn.
  • They recently took part in our Christmas Cracker feature.

Must Listen: ‘Barbiturates’ SD

The Modern Strangers

Location: Kent

Label: King Dick

Key Facts:

  • This five-piece from Kent consists of Max, Archie, Jimmy, Patrick and Will
  • They only have a handful of singles released at the moment.
  • The Modern Strangers have had a successful year in the world of Sync, with features on the likes of Made In Chelsea and much more.
  • Check out our introducing feature with them here.

Must Listen: ‘Coco Hello’ SD



Location: Oklahoma / Cardiff

FFO: Huon Kind, Anderson .Paak

Label: Unsigned

Key Facts:

  • Sizzling pop meets sultry funk.
  • Debut album in the works, no release date yet.
  • No one knows exactly what a “Thunder Jackson” is.
  • Thunder Jackson is caped and crusading.”

Must Listen: ‘Guilty Party’ James Makin


Location: Toronto

FFO: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Kings of Leon

Label: Unsigned

Key Facts:

  • Four-piece band-of-brothers.
  • Rolling rhythm, chugging riffs and powerful vocals.
  • New EP set for release on January 19th.

Must Listen: Deep Meadow JM


Location: Berlin

FFO: Bon Iver, The Notwist

Label: Krakow Records

Key Facts:

  • Berlin singer-songwriter.
  • Philosophical, contemplative lyrics with light and beautiful melodies.
  • “Handcrafted pop music”

Must Listen: ‘Older’ JM


Location: Hertfordshire, UK

FFO: Tom Joshua, Henri Bardot

Label: Unsigned

Key Facts:

  • Singer-songwriter from Hertfordshire.
  • Powerful vocals and acoustic melodies inspired by Bon Iver and Daughter.
  • Debut EP My Omen is available now.

Must Listen: ‘Love You Save Me’ JM


Location: Lancashire, UK

FFO: Vaults, Fractures, Amber Run

Label: Island Records

Key Facts:

  • Electro-pop duo from Lancashire.
  • Used to be in warring metal bands.
  • Cathartic, poignant and beautiful electro-pop akin to London Grammar.
  • Aquilo’s EP ii (side A) is available now, with side B in the works.

Must Listen: ‘Thin’, ‘Silhouette’ JM


Location: Streatham, London

FFO: AJ Tracey, Kano, Stormzy

Label: Unsigned

Key Facts:

  • South London rapper / grime MC.
  • Entered the grime scene at 16 years old.
  • Socially aware, poignant wordplay and lyricism
  • ‘Game Over’ EP available now.

Must Listen: ‘Question Time’ JM


Location: Leicester

FFO: Kano, P Money, Stormzy

Label: Unsigned

Key Facts:

  • Leicester rapper / grime MC.
  • Focus on wordplay and lyricism. Cold flows.
  • Supports local producers and artists in the midlands.
  • ‘Wavey Shirt Wednesday’ EP available now.

Must Listen: ‘Sour Grapes’, Road Rage freestyles on YouTube JM


Location: UK

FFO: Lotto Boyz, Not3s

Label: RSM

Key Facts:

  • Afrobeats-infused R&B.
  • Female vocalist with mad flow and love-story lyricism.

Must Listen: ‘Gas Station (Feat. Curtis J)’ JM



Location: Bingley, West Yorkshire

FFO: Mallory Knox, Don Broco, Arcane Roots

Label: Roadrunner Records

Key Facts:

  • Alt-rock five piece from West Yorkshire.
  • Powerful vocals and crunchy riffs.
  • Released first album in 2014.
  • New album ‘Knowing What You Know’ set for release in 2018.

Must Listen: ‘Captivate You’, ‘Play’ JM


Location: Downings, Ireland

FFO: Astronaut Husband, Sam Pinkerton, Brooke Bentham

Label: Akira Records

Key Facts: 

  • Originally from Hampshire, Carney moved to Ireland at 10 years old.
  • She signed her first record label at the age of 16 and has earned an impressive following thanks to her dreamy vocals and chilled-out vibe.

Must Listen: ‘Winter’ Tobias Pugh


Location: London

FFO: YONAKA, Anteros

Label: Machine

Key Facts:

  • Formed in June 2016
  • This all female grunge pop trio are each from different parts of Europe, though currently reside in London.
  • The band name comes from the idea that everyone seems to know someone named Charlie.

Must Listen: ‘Hey’, ‘She Looks Like a Dreamer’ TP


Location: Chester

FFO: TeenCanteen, Personal Best

Label: Alcopop! Records

Key Facts:

  • The trio formed in Chester in 2014 and released their debut EP No Fun on cassette tape in 2015, which lead to immense popularity and successful touring.
  • The band don’t like to take themselves too seriously, describing their genre as ‘pea-pop’ and claiming to have the ‘best worst band name ever’.

Must Listen: ‘Oh George’ TP


Location: London

FFO: Dominique, LAOISE

Label: Chess Club

Key Facts:

  • Originally from Bangor, Wales, singer-songwriter Casi Wyn is multi-talented as she also plays piano and synths.
  • She earned ‘Best Song of 2013’ on Bethan Elfyn’s BBC Radio Wales show and has been active ever since, releasing two singles in 2017.

Must Listen: ‘Homesick’, ‘The Beast’ TP


Location: Maine, US / London

FFO: Girl Ray, Goat Girl

Label: Domino Records

Key Facts: 

  • Currently consisting of 8 members, describing Superorganism as quirky would be an understatement.
  • Their songs feature unusual sound effects (including biting into apples)
  • Their website has a Windows 98 look with a game; this band are fun and full of surprises!

Must Listen: ‘Something For Your M.I.N.D.’ TP