The London band are clocking up miles on the road this month…

London foursome SHINERS have kicked their 2018 off with gusto! We’re only in February and the band have already notched dates on a headline tour, making pitstops in Colchester, Brighton, Southamption and their hometown capital.

They head back out for a handful of dates (see below) at the beginning of March, so in the meantime why not prepare with Jamie’s account of their most interesting tour experiences and their kick-ass van playlist? Go go go!

Best show of the tour so far?
Got to be London. Its our home!

Most interesting venue?
The London show was the at The Hospital Club which was kind of cool. Not somewhere any of us have been before (and probably won’t be allowed back again!)

Most energetic crowd?
Colchester are a pretty rowdy bunch.

Weirdest thing to happen to you onstage?
Somebody threw a rubber duck at Lenny once. No idea where they got that from!

Biggest mistake onstage?
I keep breaking the same string over and over again.. It’s getting pretty annoying.

Biggest win onstage?

Favourite song to play?
I think all of us would unanimously say ‘Pressure’. We always have a LOT of fun playing that one.

Least favourite song to play?
Blunt. It’s emotional.

Favourite part about playing live?
Being able to get incredibly sweaty in public without judgement.

Favourite location to play?

‘Generation Y’ is taken from SHINERS’ EP, Version, which is available now.


24th March, The Edge, Luton

31st March, Norwich Arts Centre

1st May, Paper Dress Vintage, London