“I wanted to capture the feeling you had when you listened to music for the first time when you were a teenager. It was all new, playful and you were never sure what the fuck would happen next. Music is the ultimate playground. You can´t control it.” 

After Olsson’s lil’taster EP ‘One In A Million’, we’re finally treated to a full length album filled with fluctuating sounds and stellar collaborations. The Swedish singer-songwriter and producer has really come into his own with his sound, melding 90s sounds with a modern twist.

‘Ca M’est Egal’ (Whatever in French, a word frequently said by his half-French ex) is a track that’s saturated in isolation and paranoia, but with the help of Daniel Adams Ray, is transformed into a Britpop-style banger. The song is only overshadowed by the album’s opening ‘Hold On’ featuring MaiPei, which holds our attention with sensual stringwork, and dance-style vibes.

Throughout ‘Millions’ Olsson proves that from strength to strength, he can pretty much make his own genre from the countless genres he explores throughout his debut album.

‘Millions’ is out May 12th through Universal