Demonstrating creativity from the beginnings with a series of releases that eventually went on to form their eponymous debut, Oh Wonder have been known to play according to their own rules. The fifteen track, fifteen month project accumulated in an LP of complete ownership which was received well on both sides of the Atlantic last September and they have been reaping the benefits since. 

Currently embarking on their largest headline UK tour to date, the duo appears confident and resolved as they step out onto the Library stage to the sounds of applause and calls. There is bubbling excitement from the crowd that mellows rapidly as the ominous O-W structure illuminates and the warm piano keys beckon the beginning to ‘Livewire’.

The pair harmonise in a proficiency equal to the album’s recorded material this evening as neither voice overpowers the other, neither demands attention and yet both keep you completely entranced. They play the album in its near entirety this evening yet in an order designed for the live format, ‘Dazzle’ demonstrates Jamie Woon experimentation in synth layering and heavy leanings towards alt-R & B sentiments and a choral bridge close to spoken word. ‘Lose It’ is an aptly named track as the pair indulge in holding each other’s voices in near silence and while this is meant to be poignant, a number of patrons see this to be a perfect time to refill their glasses.

‘Without You’ is an early highlight with its pop stylings and infectious melodic hook allowing the duo more freedom of expression as they perform and ‘White Blood’ is the most emotive offering in terms of sincere delivery. There is reason this band have been adorned with so much adoration and acclaim from fans and critics alive when you consider the capacities and genres they achieve onstage relying only on each other. This complete trust in recording, performance and vocal duality means their connection is unwavering and almost entirely unmatched.­